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OverKings is a new and exciting free MMORPG where fantasy meets legends and the legends become reality. Only the toughest and most clever heroes will be able to become rulers of this world. Choose your path, through magic, sheer brute force, agility and more. Enter epic adventures and defeat unforgettable enemies to become a true hero and be immortalized in every tale.
Make new friends in OverKings, battle fearless monsters or challenge other players, fulfill exciting quests and prove your worth. Pick your profession among the offer – will you be a politician, a smith, tailor, diplomat, assassin or just a robber? Enter dynamic fights in real-time with beautiful graphics and animations and explore a world with so much more to offer.
There are numerous quests for you to complete as you adventure through the world of Overkings. Quest givers will provide unique challenges for you to face that will take you to the ends of the earth. By completing quests and killing monsters, you will gain experience.
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3 Stars of Destiny is a marvelous game with plaasent gameplay, great cast of characters and awesome features, those are not the only reasons to play the game. This is the second Aldorlea game and I'm impressed by the increase of quality since Laxius Force, of course, I'm not saying that Laxius Force is a low-quality gameStory: The game starts with a mysterious Orc God Ozur seeking for power, the witch that he was talking mention a new source of power, three humans who haves mysterious powers in order to the witch not share this information with anyone, the evil orc god kills the witch but he forget to ask the witch who are those three humans that have this power, he come with the idea of forging a trap to make these humans fall into his world, because he can't act in the humans's world. When the game begins, you're introduced to Random Pendragon, the main character of the game that lives alone in the woods with his pet chamaleon and friend Guanidia. He has to take some goods to his family, when he reach his house he meets an elf named Sarah, the elf mock him and he doesn't want to let her get away with this, after he give the goods to his parents, he goes after the elf and this little quest to finds the elf becomes of very exciting, he fight against dragons, venture into caves, elf village and more until by fate they end up being venturing together through places to reach Rillia, why they need to go to Rillia and how they end up together? I won't tell, play and find out. Don't think that only because they're working together it means they get along well. lolGraphics: The graphics of this game is amazing, the game is wonderfully mapped, full of details with items to collect along the way and secret rooms to be found, the artworks are very beautiful and well-done and the monsters artworks are incredible. Which makes even more enjoyable. ^^Gameplay: Some icons like crystal with shields inside and crystals with sword insides gives temporary boosts to the characters depending of the icon, that's very innovative in a RPG Game, and one thing which I felt very happy is that you can choose which atribute to increase when every character levels up. Let's not forget about the amazing quantity of fun and exciting quests this game provides. The dungeons are so wonderfull to explore, you can expect charming snowy plains from swamps but swamps in this game aren't terrible places, they are very plaasent to explore. lolMusic: The musics are very good, perfect, awesome, incredible, astonishing!!! All musics were very addicting and epic, all fitting the atmosphere of the places, I loved the last battle theme and the music of the towns like SankT Leona and Rillia, I must say that 3Stars musics were very well worked, congratulations for that.To finish, 3Stars is a very nice and plaasent game, and big ^^ I'm sure everyone will like it. Download and give it a try.

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