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The universe is an endless ocean of space - but it is ready to be conquered! These powerful galaxies give you an endless amount of opportunities. Create your empire through colonisation, war and trade. Start your intergalactic conquest now!
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Wow, that's quite a scrip to give up. All I got (at the hospital and at home) was Tylenol 3. (And Colace but that's for sieothmng different, of course.)I don't remember a lot of peeing through outfits, but fountains definitely happened. You don't need anything fancy. Just stick an extra wipe over him while you are doing the change. It won't necessarily stop him from peeing, but it will keep it from spraying on you, the wall, the carpet, the clean outfit you just picked out, etc.In contrast, the thing my husband is most nervous about with a girl is having to wipe front to back.As for other things, get a smart phone. They're small enough to use even when you are trapped under a slow-nursing or sleeping baby. I know a lot of people love their iPhones, but I'm a huge fan of a qwerty keypad and love my Android phone. I only had it a few weeks before AJ was born, but it kept me from feeling completely isolated, particularly once the hubby went back to work.

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