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The sun beams down on you and in the distance you can hear the soft crashing of waves. The blue shoreline is a vast space of emptiness and is waiting to be colonised. A new age of prosperity is beginning with workers, soldiers and scientists. Do you want to take charge of it?
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Where are the beefy exhibits Frank E Baby? Anyone got beef with my hero Scheindlin for what she aarledy did for you all by having Anderson sing death lullaby to Cahill, Sherry, AG Cuomo, Spookany, etc. must take it up with me, her soon to be Supreme Court chauffeur. You never know what gun is put to the head of those who do the right thing immediately after and what it may cause them to do after, like gun to granddaughter head can be swaying to some but you can never forget that pristine moment of heroism. You must worship it forever, despite what the future holds. Now be prepared in that scenario of Scheindlin acting off to fire off complaints against her if she does not follow the law but file them with love and pain, as I do with Catherine Wolfe and others. To all those waiting for her, stop and do something bold with what is aarledy before you, be proactive stop waiting for Frank or Shira or Cuomo, fire off some criminal complaints against all those Anderson fingered with everybody, the more the merrier.And to those most unethical ethics officers who have cast an evil upon this land filled with pain and suffering and death, take comfort that I, Eliot and I A-m That I A-m have a special place for you in hell. I personally will be your eternal tour guide, if you think my writing is long wait until you hear my voice eternally damning you, 24.7.Eternally. Ask Cahill if his soul has been sucked from his being, ask him my name and you will see fear.Sherry K. Cohen, I aarledy have sucked the lifeblood from your soul. Remember me in Scheindlin's court, the devilish looking angel that your eyes were fixated upon? Your breath sucked dry, as I sat directly in front of your lying and evil soulless body, remember the conversation that only you could hear? I aarledy hear your prayers, your whiney begging and know they will not be answered as that conversation was had, the jury out. This sentence will be long, slow and eternally painful, you will pray more and more for swift death but the beginning is now, death will not help, it is when the fun with you really begins.Your Travel Guide to HellBat Out of HellMad InventorEliot Ivan Bernstein

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